About Us

MeBae is a Work-Companion platform developed to help college-going students get the right exposure & development in direction of their desired career field; or, even better, discover the right career for themselves.

It’s a known fact that graduates enter the Corporate world with little or no practical knowledge/experience of work which results in dual problem: Companies spending a lot of time on training of new recruits & high chances of Students choosing a wrong career path, hence ultimately leading to wastage of time & effort on both sides.

We, at MeBae aim to eradicate this very problem by providing exposure to students at right time & right place through best-suited Internship, along-with providing ongoing support for self-development in their respective career fields via our learning platform.

Komal Verma


SRCC graduate with 3 years of experience working in Business & Product domains. A divergent  by personality and passionate to ensure every single person lives the life of their dream.

Saurabh Anand


IIT Roorkee graduate with 3 years of experience running his own Ed-Tech Startup. An Extremist by nature and belief, and passionate to work towards making a World where every Employee loves his Job.