Welcome Recruiters

Hello there!

Welcome to MeBae, a platform focused to bring the best out of working generation and understand their true goals in life. It’s no revelation that a Company’s productivity is most affected by unhappy or misaligned Employees. 

To solve this problem to the root, we are going back to place it all starts! A college student, if chooses the right path at right time, it could make a great difference. But the reality isn’t so. Why? because the most important exposure & learning that they need to make a right decision isn’t given to them, a right-fit Internship.

To make it happen, we talk to each of our student applicant in detail and understand what and where they are best fit to work. So, if you are looking for passionate youngsters full of energy, then tell us about the Roles you are hiring  for and we would give you your Best Intern or who knows a Future Employee!

Trust us, you will no longer think of Interns as waste of time & effort, as we ourselves will look after their development & ensure they have all the theoretical knowledge needed for roles you hire them.  

So, go ahead & give us a try!