Mentee – essentially anyone who is in search of any guide or looking for some insights about a Role, Industry or any field of work.

Why would I need this though?

Everyone, at some point in their lives have faced a mental block about which career to take up, been torn in middle of various options, and even wondered of having found our true passion. Well, not all of us though are lucky enough to get answers to these questions. It’s always a pickle to find someone who can really help us in getting to those answers. Numerous attempts at bugging people in our circle & settle for someone even remotely related to the field at last.¬†

Not just career however, we often seek help from our peers to know about a certain role we wish to enter, or at times, simply a curiosity to know how an industry or field works. Many also stumble across projects in their job that demands  understanding of an area unknown to them.

Try it Yourself!

Hence, we bring to you a platform that will enable you to choose and select from a range of Mentors equipped with knowledge you seek. Simply book a session with any of them and get an hour / 30 min (as per your need) private time to have your questions answered uninterrupted. No judgements, no limit to no of questions you can ask.

Learn from real life experiences. Try it yourself, NOW! 

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