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Welcome to MeBae, a platform designed Just for YOU all. We are your Companion eagerly waiting to take away all your career planning worries and to make you live the life you dream of having one day! We know thinking of work isn’t the best thing to do amidst college fun but we also know, it’s the very purpose you meant to fulfill through it in first place.

So, no more of Name-sake Internship certificates, let’s get some actual insights & exposure into what a Job & role you desire to work in is like! Don’t worry, if you haven’t thought of any yet, this is what internships are for right? To explore, learn & choose.

Tell us your goals in life and we promise to do our best to help you achieve it. The World today is making things happen at just a click, so why finding the right Internship be still a nightmare?

Let’s together bring some much awaited changes in how Industry operates!

Help us understand you better so that we can bring you the best suited Internship role 🙂