Student Plan

What is in for a Student?

We help the undergraduate students get exposure to the real world of working Industry before actually stepping into it to enable & empower them to base their decision of choosing the right career path on facts, knowledge & experience. We do this through our two-fold program: MeBae Internship Program & MeBae Learning Program. Both of them, free of cost. We thrive to not just talk but actually “bridge the skills-gap” between Students learning & Industry requirements.

MeBae's Internship Program

Our Internship Program is designed in a manner to ensure that Students are able to reap the maximum benefits out of it. How are we different from any other Internship?

Regular Internships

  • You choose any random internship you come across
  • Most of the time, work is undefined or menial tasks are allotted on Internship
  • No or little Learning, namesake Experience
  • Monotonous or single field experience

MeBae powered Internships

  • Go to the best-suited Internship for you
  • Well structured & defined areas of work, before-hand
  • Specially designed to ensure maximum learning
  • Learning platform & Student Interactions to explore multiple fields parallely

MeBae's Learning Program

MeBae’s learning platform prepares student to be aware about industry & work role they would be interning in before-hand. Especially curated content would be available to students to improve & enhance their knowledge, even during their internship period. 

Our Student Forum would help different students working in various roles to interact with each other & explore other areas of working as well. Any area of interest of Student would be taken care of through our Seminars & personal interactions and the best suited course of action would be taken henceforth.

Student's Journey with MeBae