Who are you?




Me-Bae (Me-Before anything else) is not just a Company but a philosophy started with the intent of bringing the focus of working generation to themselves & their development. Taking right steps at right time makes all the difference in the world.

Many youngsters loose the golden years of their life working in something they don’t even like or either are just working tirelessly without focusing on their own development & well-being at workplace.

Purpose of doing a Job or taking up a work is not just earning but also improving & becoming a better person through constant growth & learnings. So, let’s not forget ourselves and promise to work towards our own betterment too.

We are your Work-Companion wanting to serve & help you in whatever way possible. We desire to uplift the “Stress” out of your Work & turn it into a burden-free joyful time of your life.

MeBae Powered Internships

We bring to you Internships that you desire & ensure that it gives you the experience you hoped for. Check out openings in the most popular roles.

MeBae Learning

MeBae Learning is designed to help students educate about different roles that exist in companies through the curation of the best available content.